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QC2 Methods: DIY Anaerobic Incubation

This DIY anaerobic incubation system can replace expensive, commercially available anaerobic containers and oxygen indicator packs. Our simple indicator solution gives you confidence you've created an environment that allows anaerobic bacteria to thrive...

Micro 101: Plating vs. PCR

To Plate, or PCR, That is the Question Microbiological control is a critical component of a brewery’s quality program. From yeast management, to mitigating contamination, brewers invest time, energy, and...

Change in Leadership at QC2 - Meet Our New Director!

Introducing the new director of QC2: Peter Woodruff! USM and QC2 are thrilled to announce that Peter Woodruff has been named the new Director of QC2! Pete is a biochemist and faculty member...


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