Change in Leadership at QC2 - Meet Our New Director!

Introducing the new director of QC2: Peter Woodruff!

USM and QC2 are thrilled to announce that Peter Woodruff has been named the new Director of QC2! Pete is a biochemist and faculty member at the University, and he is very familiar with QC2; since our founding, QC2 has shared lab space with Pete and from that vantage point he has watched QC2 grow and has lent his expertise to us throughout the years. 


"I have been a professor at USM for twelve years, and my expertise is in biochemistry, molecular biology, and microbiology. I'm eager to translate these skills to the brewing industry, and to grow our program in a way that will involve more USM students, and provide more services to brewers. I am excited and grateful for my role as the new Director of QC2!" - Pete



Pete has been a supporter of QC2 since the beginning, and (in this author's opinion) is just the person to continue the lab's mission after Luci retires from USM at the end of the semester. On that note:

What's Luci up to?

Sometimes an opportunity comes your way that you simply can't pass up, and that's exactly what's happened here! Since June, Luci has worked part-time at Lone Pine and to say she liked it is a massive understatement. In January, Luci will be joining the Lone Pine team as their Quality Control Manager! We're sad to see Luci go, but we equally excited for her new position--and thrilled she's staying local and is just a phone call away. In case you missed our newsletter (you should sign up for that!), here's Luci's farewell letter:


Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

I’m writing today to share that I will be moving on from my role as Director of the QC2 Lab and Professor of Chemistry at USM. It has been a privilege to work with such a supportive and collaborative industry to develop this one of a kind educational experience for my students. It has been a difficult decision to leave USM and the QC2 Lab, however, I know the QC2 Lab is being left in very capable hands. Sam White and I have worked closely over the three years to run the lab, and I know she will continue to provide high quality testing and support while USM appoints a new director.


Thank you to each and every one of you for your engagement, support, and donations to the QC2 Lab. The support from the craft beer industry made it possible to create this one-of-a-kind educational experience for USM students. No where else in the country can undergraduates gain this type of experience. 


After my leave from USM I will be transitioning to a new role as Quality Control Manager at Lone Pine Brewery. As I consider my new role I am excited to be able to engage with the QC2 Lab to support the brewery and education. 


Thank you! 


Luci Benedict

How will QC2 change?

Transitions are an opportunity to recalibrate and grow in new directions, and this is no exception! For the most part, the day to day operations of the lab won't change--Sam isn't going anywhere (you're stuck with me!)--but there are some changes that we want to share:

  • Microbial services to expand in 2023! Pete and Sam are excited to grow our micro offerings to include traditional methods--selective and differential media--and to expand our PCR program. Don't worry: you'll be the first to know when these launch!
  • Chromatography services are temporarily suspended. That means we're not able to offer VDK or DMS testing at this time. Sam is attending a gas chromatography training in December, and Luci will teach Sam her VDK method upon Sam's return. DMS is on the back burner and is unlikely to be offered in the future. 
  • More students in the lab and in brewery internships! Expanding our services means more STEM students will receive the quality training and education available through the lab! Luci realized a dream in 2021 when we launched our Brewery Internship program, and we will 100% be continuing and growing this program.

Thank you for your support of the lab! We are excited for what we'll accomplish and where we'll grow in 2023 and for many years after.


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