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Vicinal diketones (VDK) are produced by yeast during fermentation and consumed by yeast during maturation. VDK have very low flavor thresholds and are undesirable in many beer types. Quantifying VDK levels throughout fermentation can provide invaluable information about yeast health and required maturation time. Testing is performed on a Gas Chromatograph (GC) and 2,3 butanedione and 2,3 pentanedione concentrations is reported in ppb. 

  • Required sample volume: (2) Cans or bottles (if sending in samples prior to packaging, please see our FAQ page)
  • Turnaround time: 7-10 business days
  • Method of analysis: ASBC Beer-25F

New to QC2? Please see our FAQ page for information on submitting samples to the lab.




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