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At the Quality Control Collaboratory, undergraduate students develop critical lab skills and are trained on state of the art instrumentation. Our students perform analytical and microbial testing services for the brewing industry and conduct novel research in fermentation science.

Current Opportunities at QC2

QC Brewery Intern

Spend the summer working in a local brewery as a quality control intern. Only five positions available!

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QC2 Lab Assistant

Join the QC2 team! Develop analytical chemistry and molecular biology skills while you work toward your degree. Start this spring semester with the possibility to extend through the summer and next academic year.

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Current Students

Huy Nguyen

Cass Riley

Taylor Chamberlain

Owen McElearney

AJ Johnsey

The QC2 Team

Why join QC2?

Working at the QC2 lab gives USM undergraduates the opportunity to engage in real world lab work that has a direct impact on their community. Fermentation science is fascinating, and the skills learned while working at QC2 are directly transferable to other fields. Our student employees and interns have a competitive advantage when they enter the workforce or apply to graduate school, as they have proven their success in a quality control laboratory.

Working at QC2

Training Program

Students begin their journey as new QC2 team members with our rigorous training program. Students first learn the fundamental bench skills utilized in nearly every lab protocol before progressing to learn more advanced instrumentation in the lab. The time each student takes to train will depend on their prior lab experience and availability.

Fee for Service Testing

Our local (and not so local!) brewing community depends on QC2 to deliver accurate results quickly, which wouldn't be possible without our dedicated team of undergraduate students! Students generate invaluable data that brewers use to make informed decisions about their products. Check out our Testing page for a list of the services we offer.

Research Projects

After a student has mastered the skills necessary for Fee for Service work, they begin to actively participate in the many ongoing research projects in the lab. The research we conduct in the lab leads to novel methods and discoveries that are relevant to the craft beverage industry. Our current research seeks to answer questions about nonalcoholic beer brewing, lager carbonation methods, and volatile analysis.

Student Alumni

Mikaela Kelewae

Samantha SaVaun

Travis George

Kristi Hanscom

John Meyers

Gabrielle Hamm

Zachary Rohman

Heath Garson

Ryan J. Michaud

Ciera Wentworth

Jordan Balsamo


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