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A: You can ship them or you can drop them off at the University of Southern Maine. It’s your choice, just make sure your samples are clearly labeled with your brewery’s name, product ID, and test requested. 

Drop off: A sample drop off fridge is located inside the science building on USM’s Portland campus (70 Falmouth St). The horseshoe driveway can be used to quickly park and drop off your samples. Make sure email us at to let us know samples have been delivered. Please note: the fridge is secured by a padlock. The combination is MALT. The freezer compartment combination is BEER.

Shipping: Please ship to the address below. Samples should be packaged in a screw-top container and taped to prevent the cap from coming loose in transit. If your sample is for micro testing, make sure the container is sterile before collecting your sample as a non-sterile container may result in a false positive. Please refer to the individual test pages for information on sample volumes required for each test.

    University of Southern Maine - QC2 

    70 Falmouth St. 

    Science Building | Room 196C

    Portland, ME 04103

A: Of course! We’re happy to match your needs with our testing services. Please email us at or call us at 207-780-4487.

A. Every test is so different that there isn’t one volume that fits every test! For some of our more popular tests like ABV and IBU we need at least 200 mL. Some of our packages need even more because of all of the tests we have to perform. Please refer to the testing service product page to make sure you are sending in the correct volume of sample. AND it’s always great if you can send in duplicates of your samples. Every once in a while we need to rerun a sample and it saves a lot of time if we’ve already got that duplicate sample in the lab.  Still have questions? Call us: 207-780-4487

A: They come right to your inbox when we are done running your samples! Official reports with your results will be emailed as a PDF. Results are always sent to the email address used to place the order, so make sure that’s the person who needs to get those results. If you want others included in that email let us know. 

A: Absolutely! We take confidentiality seriously in our lab. Every sample that comes in is coded with a number, and that number is used throughout the testing process to track the samples and keep brewery names separate from the results. We never share the results with any one other than you!


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